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Bradford white is always a pain in the butt. They loop there years over and over. They also miss some of the letters. Here is a list for Bradfords that I found. I just came across this while searching for info. Smith acquired State Industries Inc.

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The age of your water heater is crucial, since old units are less Determining water heater age is simple on most newer models — the installation date is For their older, pre models, they state the year and week within.

State Water Heaters has made over water heater products for both commercial and residential use. Their products count among the best water heaters in the United States. Priding itself on its technology and durability, State Water Heaters has a lot to offer to the water heating industry. For commercial or residential customers, they have more to offer than a widespread reputation. They have an extensive and diverse range of products, with tools to help customers decide which device is better for them.

Here is a little insight into why they make an excellent choice. State Water Heaters Company is owned by A. Smith, which is one of the biggest names in this industry. They have the highest quality of manufacturing you can find anywhere. These are some things that make State standout among its competitors. They all have thick insulation and energy-saving mechanisms to reduce standby heat loss. They can handle the high demands of large homes. All of these models have either ultra-low or low NOx emissions which makes then environment-friendly products.

Water Heater Model Numbers & Rating Plates

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn More. Like any appliance, water heaters break down over time and need to be replaced. No one enjoys taking a cold shower, so ideally, you’d like to be able to replace your water heater before it completely stops working. If you wait too long, it could lead to a much larger problem. Such as, large leaks and water damage to your home.

Use the InterNACHI Water Heater Dating Chart to determine the age of the A.O. Smith acquired State Industries Inc. and subsidiary APCOM Inc. back in

The application of the referenced standards shall be limited and as prescribed in section The provisions of this chapter shall govern the materials, design and installation of water heaters and the related safety devices and appurtenances. Exception: Water heaters shall comply with the “Ohio Boiler and Pressure Vessels rules,” Chapters to of the Administrative Code, when any of the following limitations are exceeded:.

The potability of the water shall be maintained throughout the system. Drain valves for emptying shall be installed at the bottom of each tank-type water heater and hot water storage tank. Water heaters and storage tanks shall be located and connected so as to provide access for observation, maintenance, servicing and replacement. All water heaters shall be listed by an approved agency as complying with the applicable referenced standards.

This provision shall not supersede the requirement for protective shower valves in accordance with Section Storage tanks and water heaters installed for domestic hot water shall have the maximum allowable working pressure clearly and indelibly stamped in the metal or marked on a plate welded thereto or otherwise permanently attached.

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Learn how to extend the life of your water heater, how to tell how old your electric water heater is, and what to do when it comes time to replace that valuable part of your home: the trusty water heater. While gas water heaters typically last years, electric water heaters have a longer life expectancy, lasting on average years. It’s easy to find out how old your water heater once someone teaches you a trick or two!

A.O. Smith Heater Parts · State Water Heater Parts · Takagi Parts. Item ID/Serial: Model Search. Is Serial? Date: (Required for Item ID). Lookup. Show Advanced.

Water heaters are not cheap, and buying a new one can be a significant investment. Thankfully, if you buy a reliable model from a respected brand and keep it properly maintained, you can expect it to give you a good many years of service. However, at some point, it may break down and need repairing or even replacing entirely — and if this happens too early, you will need to know its age to see if it is still under warranty. How to work out the age of your water heater will depend on the manufacturer of your unit, but the idea is essentially the same.

Every water heater has a rating plate on it that contains information such as the name of the manufacturer, the model, the wattage of the heating elements, its capacity in gallons and more. The information displayed varies — for example, if you have a water heater with a tank, the information will be different from the information on a tankless water heater. However, one constant is the serial number, and this usually contains the date of manufacture.

American Standard Water Heaters

This is the reason many inspectors want to be able to give their clients some idea of how old the device is and when they need to begin considering replacement. How old is that water heater and what is the maximum service life an owner can expect? Your clients need to know the answers to these questions and others. In other words, there is no set maximum expected service life. In fact, two neighbors with exactly the same brand water heater installed on exactly the same day on the same street in identical houses can have completely different experiences.

In some parts of the country it is normal to expect between 10 and 15 years, while in others a homeowner is lucky if the water heater lasts 10 years.

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As they come in such a large variety, most of the residential setups prefer to install a State Select Water Heater because of their brand name and reliability. The State Water Heater comes in different models, sizes, colors, and features to cater the requirements of every user. State Water Heaters offer electric, gas tank heaters, tankless water heaters. The State Select Water Heater earned a reputation in the industry. They did this by providing excellent quality for a wide range of products in the water heater market.

The heaters are tested meticulously before introducing it to the market. The producers make sure the functionality of each water heater is up to the mark. State Water Heaters, being a leading manufacturer of heaters, is preferred by many users because of the high quality, durability and energy efficiency of heaters. When buying a water heater, most people loo for the one that is the most efficient and reliable.

How old is my water heater?

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The effective dates of standards in this legislation are based on date of The design requirement for electric water heaters ensures that all new units have a.

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First, locate the manufacturers label with the serial number on the side of your unit. This sticker is usually around any warning labels and the energy guide. Check to see if the installation date is noted on the sticker.

Rebate for tank-type water heaters only; no tankless water heaters DATED COPY OF ITEMIZED SALES RECEIPT MUST BE INCLUDED. City – State – Zip.

Sometimes, finding your water heater model number can be tricky. New Rheem water heaters have an easy to understand rating plate. It includes the manufacture date, as well as information on the size and capacity. On older models, you can determine the age of your unit by decoding the water heater serial number. Some manufacturers, including Rheem, made it easy by incorporating the month and year built into the first 4 digits of the serial number.

For instance, the picture below shows that this Rheem water heater was manufactured in December of Other manufacturers use different formats, but in a similar fashion.

Water Heater Warranties Simplified

At this time it could take up to days to receive your rebate. For faster processing Apply Online. Verification of homes being located in a designated UEZ required. Apply here for the LMI incentive. Visit the eligible measures document for the affordable housing definition. If you qualify for the WARM Advantage rebate, you may be eligible for an extra rebate from your gas company.


The technology behind tankless water heaters keeps improving year after year, and we keep seeing more and more hit the market place! O Smith tankless water heaters. Our technicians have also received training on both Rinnai and Navien water heaters as well. Call our office for free estimates on upgrading to this efficient technology in either your home, business or restaurant. Is your water heater leaking or showing signs of rust? Is it simply not keeping up any more? We stock a large assortment of sizes available in our warehouse, so we can have a replacement ready for you 24 hours a day!

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Predicting how long your water heater will last can be difficult — depending on the model and fuel source, its lifetime could be anywhere between 8 and 20 years. Common conventional electric water heaters tend to last 10—15 years, and typically come with a standard six-year warranty. It pays to prepare before your water heater gives up or fails, which can be inconvenient at best or catastrophic at worst.

Check for a manufacturer label on the side of your water heater — this should include the installation date.

By Brian G. Date Updated: December 24, Plumbing. A man installing a water heater. If your water heater is leaking or not heating up, you may be able to​.

A lot of customers have called us wanting more information about the warranty on their current water heater. This will vary with different models and manufacturers. Once the labor warranty has expired, the customer will have to pay for the labor for the part covered under warranty to be replaced. Another thing to remember is that all warranty transactions use the original date of installation. The warranty for the new gas valve expires six 6 years fro the date of the original water heater installation.

If the water heater is a Whirlpool and was purchased a home center or hardware store, the part must be returned to the store where purchased for the part warranty to be honored. Now lets talk tank warranty. What a consumer first understand about residental gas tank water heaters is that there are two 2 types. If the labor warranty has expired, the home owner will still have to pay for installation for their replacement water heater. The upgrade charge varies by manufacturer. If your water heater is not working or is leaking, just give us a call at or ask a professional.

We also install and service the following water heater manufacturers:. Home of the Same Day Water Heater. Water Heater Warranties Simplified A lot of customers have called us wanting more information about the warranty on their current water heater.

This video shows how to light a State select water heater

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